Marble Flooring – Is it Good or Bad

Marble Tiles are considered best to building homes, offices given its qualities and usefulness.

Marble, a metamorphic rock basically, is created when the limestone involved goes through tremendous heating process and pressure thereby making it a dense and durable material as opposed to granite and ceramic asphalt shingles. The color, unique texture the marble assumes is because of the metamorphic change the limestone goes through.

Known for its versatility, marble is widely utilized for the construction industry and given top priority on the subject building monuments and other sculptures. If a marble is used for commercial, residential, monuments or sculptures it simply means the stuff is going to last long. Today, marble tiles are employed in various applications.

Real and Fake Marble Tiles

Interestingly, real Marbles demand more care than fake marbles. In fact the durability of real marbles depends more than an amount of care of involved. Yes it could be a hassle to have marble flooring, because of the simple mopping and sweeping won’t service. Marbles are more prone to unattractive stains. Dropping of drinks, shampoos could stain a marble floor quite easily if the floor is not immediately cleaned using soap and pond. The acid in the products chemically react with the marble tiles.

Fake marble tiles doesn’t need too much care, because fake marbles only possess a small percentage of marble composition in them. Fake marbles contain liquid polyester resin which makes it a more durable product as in comparison to real marble mosaic glass. The resin coats in a fake marble makes to more resistant to stains.

Further, real marbles are more expensive than its fake counterparts. If an individual might be looking for real marble tile then some of the differentiating factors that may help you distinguish a real from fake include finish, texture, patterns and designs. marble cleaning london and observation would help distinguish the fake from original.

Export Market of Marbles

China, India, United States, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates Ghana, Iran, Vietnam, Greece, Singapore, Spain

Prominent Places to Source marbles from India

Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chittorgarh, Faridabad, Jaipur, Madurai, Mamallapuram, Mumbai, Udaipur, Varanasi