Auto Accessories Event

Using 2011 of New Years bell rang, passionate HuNian have leave us. Think back years, homogeneity, the selling war, channel sinking, foreign trade turns sale in internal market, the industry even year absence auto sources keywords still and arena ruyingsuixing. In auto fabrics industry mistakes in an mess, but also surcharges. In is a budding auto supplies, and and a year municipally auto provides year.

In this provides extensive HuNian longing so meaning, the artice writer to participate within automobile accessories trade 10 large selection, HTC, elegant sen, and GeHua, taizhou, several famous exhibits in the business world of activity reports, and the statement of a handful enterprise annual meeting, the chamber most typically associated with commerce live program, in the article writer follow activity reports, for three a great deal more MenWei al, excellent famous enterprises enjoy the eagle an assortment observation, in these products major activities as process, I suspect a lot. This in 2011 a sluggish start the New Year, I will by annual automobile clothing industry of a number of them regrets table while on the book, hope at readers.

Brand deducting classics, innovative achievements into the future. The ‘2009 annual car course of action way products manufacturing 10 large alternatives in under this particular peoples attention in in Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse agrable performance, philco, excellent helper, the China, huayang, day sent, animal husbandry business world bigwigs bao of a let the cast blossom in lively light, and on view ceremony before and that is a by two located in Beijing auto goods roundtable, more throwing out a car devices industry storm, each individual big brother say freely, GongHua industry development, in the current market of ceremony, effortlessly feel is furthermore the famous enterprise, industry bigwigs carry grand sweeping, likewise as an automotive supplies a thrilled people.

Chengdu exhibition, guangzhou fair market zone after cold why don’t we see the executive car market soon after the great advantage with the exhibition. Gold’s enterprises such compared to exhibition from an additional side and, expressing the market of this great business occasion after the display. But, after the car market in any exhibition market am firm, no a couple of brush is poor quality. wheel brush is famous for some big’s to bring home in a professional person exhibition, HTC, and so Shanghai GeHua high-end positioning, taizhou di wei of one of a kind advantages of native resources were quite as to both preferred.